Travel surveys and bicycling data

The City of Gothenburg is involved in several development projects concerning travel surveys and the collection of traffic data. The aim is to simplify travel surveys for the respondents, along with collecting more data, and also better data.

Approximately every three years, the City of Gothenburg conducts a travel survey. The results are used in urban planning about how to build and develop the city. Travel surveys are also an important component of the City’s goal fulfillment because when you understand travel habits, it is possible to make changes that affect certain goals, like increasing both cycling and walking. Over the years, the surveys have been done both by phone and using postal survey forms.

The next travel survey is being carried out during 2017 in 21 municipalities of Western Sweden. It will also serve as the platform for a pilot study in a research project run by VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. The aim of the project is to study the various methods used to recruit participants in travel surveys. There will be a comparison with the results and participation from telephone and postal surveys. The project also looks at online surveys and testing of an app for surveys.

Another development project within this same scope is the collection of bicycling data. A bicycling data collection project (Samla cykeldata), financed by the Swedish Transport Administration, aims to provide more information, and better information, on how bicyclists travel through the city. It will provide a foundation for planning the bicycle infrastructure.

Bicycling data will be collected during fall 2017 using some specific apps. Many cyclists already use these apps to keep track of where and how much they bike. So, they won’t need to download a special app in order to participate in the survey.

The City of Gothenburg’s Traffic and Public Transport Authority is participating in the project, along with the Swedish Transport Administration and Cykelfrämjandet (the Swedish national cycling advocacy organization). The data that is collected will eventually be handed over to the City of Gothenburg. Both projects will run during 2017 and 2018.