ElectriCity is a cooperative venture bringing together industry, research and society in the development and testing of solutions for next-generation sustainable public transport. Public transport that is run on electricity will enable us to develop new modes of transportation, while reducing noise and improving air quality.

ElectriCity provides a demo area for various solutions involving electric buses, road safety, traffic management and energy supply. It is also a platform for research, intended to serve as a source of inspiration for future urban development. In total, 15 partners are involved in developing, testing and demonstrating new solutions. The City of Gothenburg’s Traffic and Public Transport Authority is participating in several parts of the project covering everything from noise to geofencing.

One important component of ElectriCity involves developing, testing and evaluating how electric buses can increase the attractiveness of public transport and make it more sustainable. There are many benefits associated with electric buses. They are quieter than ordinary buses, there are no emissions and the climate impact is minimal, since the electricity comes from renewable sources.

The route 55 bus line, which is an outcome of the project, uses demo buses run on renewable electricity, along with electric hybrid buses. The route 55 bus line runs between Lindholmen and Johanneberg. The buses are designed to suit the needs of  travelers, which means, for example, that there are power outlets and access to WiFi. Customer satisfaction surveys of route 55 passengers show that they are more satisfied than passengers using other bus lines.

The City of Gothenburg’s Traffic and Public Transport Authority is setting up bus stops for the route 55 bus line. It is also participating in development of the geofencing system that will impact how the line runs. The geofencing system decides, for example, bus speed and when the electric hybrid buses should run on electricity based on a pre-determined geographic area. Within the scope of the project, the City of Gothenburg’s Traffic and Public Transport Authority is also investigating noise levels in the city and it is involved in issues having to do with infrastructure, indoor bus stops and traffic safety in shared spaces where pedestrians, cyclists and buses interact.

ElectriCity has attracted much attention in Gothenburg, the rest of Sweden and even internationally. Nine out of ten Gothenburg residents are aware of ElectriCity and they associate it with environmental friendliness.

We are a partner

The working method of ElectriCity is new, but many partners are involved to help develop and test future solutions. The City of Gothenburg is collaborating with industry, academia and society to create sustainable, attractive public transport and urban development.

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