Can smart, sustainable transports make a city more attractive to live in? How can new solutions, involving for example waterway transports, lower emissions? And, how might it be possible for a person to meet all of his or her daily needs without owning a car? These are the types of questions that serve as the point of departure for the DenCity collaboration project.

The project is headed by CLOSER, which is a national and neutral forum for cooperation in transport efficiency. The Traffic and Public Transport Authority is participating in the project, along with 21 other partners from academia, society and industry. A variety of sectors are providing their perspective in order to identify innovative solutions that can be tested in practice.

Gothenburg is currently at a turning point. The city is being developed and new, densely populated, sustainable, mixed-use neighborhoods are emerging. The vision is to create a city with more space for people and better, more attractive environments. There are many challenges associated with increasing urban density, such as how to manage transports, deliveries, mobility and services.

The DenCity project aims to identify innovative solutions and services that can reduce the congestion and environmental impact, while simultaneously improving quality of life in dense urban areas. The City of Gothenburg’s Traffic and Public Transport Authority hopes that the project will provide new perspectives so that issues having to do with mobility, deliveries and transports can be addressed earlier in the planning process.

DenCity applies a holistic approach to both passenger and freight transports. Residents’ service and delivery requirements must be met, while giving consideration to sustainability, congestion and noise constraints. The project focuses on a variety of issues, including zero-emission transports, urban waterway deliveries, consolidated urban services and deliveries to private individuals. The City of Gothenburg’s Traffic and Public Transport Authority is actively involved in system integration, which aims to integrate the various solutions generated by the project in a joint system for passenger and freight transports.

There is a strong link between DenCity and the expansion of Frihamnen. Within the scope of the project, planning and expansion of Frihamnen will be examined and new solutions will be tested. Hopefully, Frihamnen will be able to serve as an arena for testing a variety of new, innovative solutions in practice and contribute to an attractive urban environment.


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 The project is financed by Vinnoca.

 The project is run by Lindholmen Science Park.