The goal of CoExist is to bridge the gap between automated vehicle technology and transport/infrastructure planning. The City of Gothenburg’s Traffic and Public Transport Authority, along with partners from both industry and other European cities, is participating in the project, which runs between May 2017 and April 2020.

CoExist is an EU-project that lies within the scope of Horizon 2020

The capacity of both authorities and cities must increase in order to plan for the integration of automated vehicles with conventional traffic. CoExist will strive to systematically increase the capacity of road authorities so that they will be prepared for the transition to a shared road network for both automated and traditional vehicles.

CoExist also has several ongoing sub-projects that will help in achieving its overall goal. For example, the sub-projects will help define the goals of stakeholders as regards the transition to AV-ready transport and infrastructure planning. They also focus on developing and testing modeling tools for the transition to AV-ready transport planning.

In Gothenburg, there is a collaboration underway to study how self-driving vehicles will impact the major infrastructure changes that cities are working with over the coming years. What types of problems need to be solved so that automated vehicles will be able to improve the flow of traffic via, for example, more narrow lanes? Cities are also working with interoperability between various forms of traffic and they need answers on how to integrate pedestrian/bicycle traffic with self-driving vehicles.

“Gothenburg wants to be a role model for the development of future mobility solutions, so CoExist is an important project for us to learn more about how we can derive the greatest benefits from self-driving technology,” says Mikael Ivari, Senior Advisor at the City of Gothenburg’s Traffic and Public Transport Authority

CoExist has received EUR 3.5 million in financing and 15 partners from the following seven countries are participating: Sweden, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Germany and England.