BSR Electric

The City of Gothenburg is one of the partners involved in the EU project called BSR Electric, the aim of which is to, over a three-year period, strengthen e-mobility for cities in the Baltic Sea region. There are 15 partners from countries in the area that are involved in the project in order to exchange knowledge and test new solutions.

The BSR (Baltic Sea Region) Electric project aims to promote solutions for e-mobility in the urban areas of the Baltic Sea region. The project, which runs between 2017 and 2020, is financed by the EU INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme. The City of Gothenburg’s Traffic and Public Transport Authority is one of the partners, along with Lindholmen Science Park. The University of Hamburg is coordinating the project.

The aim of BSR Electric is to broaden and improve the use of e-mobility for urban transport systems within the Baltic Sea region. The project should reveal the potential by demonstrating e-mobility solutions like electric urban logistics and electric bicycles, buses, scooters and ferries.

International collaboration and pilot projects will study how various e-mobility solutions can be implemented in practice. Guidelines will also be formulated to assist authorities, companies, planners and other traffic providers with the process of integrating e-mobility into urban transport strategies. Capacity-building initiatives in various areas will support knowledge collection and exchange in order to reach the subgoal, which is for the participants to be able to make well-founded decisions about e-mobility.


Planned activities and results

  • Status report on the use of e-mobility in the Baltic Sea region, along with a stakeholder analysis in the cities of the participating partners.
  • Distribution and analysis of the results from the pilot project, demonstration activities, implementation studies and stakeholder analyses.
  • Capacity-building activities in partner cities, along with other interested municipalities, in order to follow the development of specific recommendations that are based on experiences and results from the pilot project.
  • Formulate guidelines for e-mobility that encompass best practices and results so that it is possible to recreate project activities throughout the region.

The City of Gothenburg will organize a final conference for the project, which will be held in 2020 in Gothenburg. The final conference will provide a forum for compiling all of the project results, presenting and discussing the application areas and results with a wider audience and promoting "BSR Roadmap for Urban E-Mobility". The conference is intended for the project members, decision-makers at the regional and national level, company representatives and EU stakeholders. The project results will be presented at that time.

Funded by the European Commission’s INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme.