AD Aware Traffic Control

The global digitalization trend is creating new opportunities for road maintenance authorities to develop their services in a way that improves the traffic flow. The AD Aware Traffic Control project has looked into the prerequisites for digitalized traffic control for connected and self-driving vehicles with traffic control based on various types of information flows.

The City of Gothenburg was one of the project partners, along with Ericsson, Carmenta and the Swedish Transport Administration. AD Aware Traffic Control was partially finance by Vinnova’s innovation program, Drive Sweden, and Volvo Car Corporation was in charge of coordination.

The project, which ran from November 2016 until June 2017, looked into the possibilities and challenges for traffic regulation in cities and regions, including suggestions for roles and responsibility models for those involved (OEMs, authorities etc.).

Another result of the project was a proposed interface in a demo. An information flow module for implementation in a cloud-based environment was developed, where information from a variety of public and privates source was collected and compiled.

The final report summarizes the possibilities and challenges for traffic control of self-driving vehicles, along with suggestions for roles and responsibility models. The report also includes suggestions for functionality and the type of interface for traffic control run by government authorities. The report highlights the need for developing business models that address data exchange between the various parties involved, which is considered to be fundamental to the development of new services in this area.

Road maintenance authorities can benefit from the exchange of data, not only in their role as service providers, but also as infrastructure administrators and operators. From a city perspective, technology development will enable more efficient traffic solutions for roads.

More information about the project is available on Drive Sweden’s website.

Final report of AD Aware Traffic Control