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Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration takes part in a manifold of innovation and development project concerning infrastructure, vehicles and mobility. In order to meet future challenges we need to collaborate with a broad variety of stakeholders, research and businesses. Sometimes we join as a reference partner, sometimes we provide space for a test-bed, but we always intend to co-produce knowledge. Our projects on this website are all financed through Swedish and International funding.

Innovation and development for future smart traffic in Gothenburg

The goal is to address the challenges that the city is facing as regards future mobility and transports. In Gothenburg, there is a high demand from residents for sustainable transports that will make the city more connected.

The Gothenburg quadricentennial jubilee will be held in 2021 and one of the events will involve identifying and highlighting such solutions, while positioning the city as an innovative arena for smart transports. Examples of smart traffic solutions are Styr & Ställ (for renting bikes), Linbana (Gothenburg cable car), various types of electric vehicles and Stadsleveransen (for urban freight deliveries using electric vehicles).

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