Photo: Lo Birgersson/City of Gothenburg

Open the door for reading

"The City Where We Read for Our Children" is a Gothenburg project designed to encourage reading with and for children in their early age. Now, for two years, the city will hold an EU project within the Erasmus+ program on the same theme. The project includes four other European cities and is called "Open the door for reading".

"Open the door for reading" is coordinated by the City of Gothenburg and includes the cities of Turku, Milan, Brussels and Bristol. For two years, the cities will exchange knowledge about reading promotion through workshops, seminars and visits in all five cities.

The purpose is to increase skills, dare to try new ways of working and develop reading promotion methods. One of the focus areas is how to reach, support and strengthen newly arrived migrant families and their children.

How will the project be carried out?

The project includes transnational meetings in each partner city, seminars/ workshops and study visits, a” booklet”/ training manual for professionals and other actors promoting reading among families, two multiplier events with lectures/ seminars and presentations of the project results.

Part of a bigger objective

The EU project is part of The City of Gothenburg’s mobilization issue "The City Where We Read for Our Children". The purpose is to encourage reading with and for children early in their life’s. Research shows that reading for and with children contribute to improved vocabulary, interest in reading and reading ability among children.

If we read to our children, in long term, more people will be able to finish school, get further education and qualified jobs. The issue is therefore an important part in the city’s work with reducing disparities in living conditions in Gothenburg, "Equal Gothenburg".

Contact for further information

Malin Omland - Leading the project "The city where we read for our children"