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The Natural Science Programme

IHGR:s Natural Science Programme is a specially developed programme, taught in English, and the equivalent of the Swedish Naturvetenskapliga programmet.

IHGR offers one National Programme class per year.
Within this programme you will study: Mathematics 1c – 4, Physics 1 and 2,
Biology 1 and 2 and Chemistry 1 and 2.

The Natural Science Programme at IHGR prepares you for higher studies
with a wide range of possibilities; from technology to medicine, from health to environment and other natural sciences.

The Natural Science Programme concentrates on traditional
sciences such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology,
but the learning experiences are not always traditional.

Within the individual choice subjects there are several opportunities to
combine academics with sports, art, or computer skills.
Other alternatives are higher mathematics courses, marketing, psychology or entrepreneurship.